We Created The Most Advanced PPC Guide For 2016 & Tailored it just

(2016 has seen huge changes in Amazons Sponsored Advertising)

With Amazon rolling out multiple changes each month our PPC campaigns have been left in shambles. This book has put our businesses Ad cost's where they belong. In the Green!

Christina Mckecknie; Owner, Copperside Athletics Ltd.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Steps You’ll Learn

  1. Why Amazon is changing Sponsored ad's and how it affects your business at the root level. In many cases a 1% decrease in ACOS can boost profits immensely.
  2. You first need to optimize your listing to get the most out of your Sponsored Ad's. We take you step by step through the optimization process
  3. How to choose your Keywords like a PRO. This is a step by step look into the process of choosing and implementing your Keyword strategy.
  4. In this last step we pull it all together, to get you to your goal of an ACOS of 10% or Below!

About The Author

Reed Menssa has guided sellers through Amazon's wild west as an Amazon Product Management Consultant for well over a year. It is through this work that Reed saw a huge need in guiding clients through the difficulties that Amazon's sponsored ad's program presents. A sector where even a 1% drop can equal millions in profits.
When Reed isn't consulting he runs his Amazon Physical Products business that boasts a compliment of over 55 products. He works diligently to optimize and automate processes for his company before using the same for his clients. 
Reed has also published 6 other eBooks and has enjoyed the success of knowing he has helped others through Pain Management. His passions include, angling, photography and videography.

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