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Your Audit Includes:

  • Review of niche
  • Pricing competitiveness audit
  • Competitor review
  • Difficulty of entering niche
  • Required initial investment
  • Required MOQ for first order Profitability calculation
  • Overall synopsis of product launch suitability

Fully Accredited & Certified Amazon Agency

What Does Amazon Consulting Agency Accreditation & Certification Mean To You? 

Employee Certification

All employee's are tested by Amazon to meet Amazons Certification standards and knowledge requirements. Our staff are experts in their fields.

Exclusive Data Access

Accreditation provides our agency with data/insights/trends and forecasting abilities not available to unaccredited fly by night agencies.

Access To Beta Programs

As an Accredited Amazon Consulting Agency, we are given early access to Beta programs along with training well before they are released to the public.

See The Future

Knowledge of platform changes and updates before anyone else. We are in direct contact with Amazon Corporate, and receive timely knowledge first.

Amazon TOS Compliance

Know that all actions are Amazon TOS compliant. Sleep easy knowing that certification assures rules will be adhered to 100% of the time.


All integrations are Amazon AWS compliant and follow a strict regime to ensure your data and information is safe. 

  • AMAZON account management
  • Advertising ON AMAZON
  • listing optimization
  • product ASSESSMENT & audit
  • Imaging Services
  • employee training
  • Coaching

Are Your Products Appropriate for Amazon?

Our Agency specializes in product suitability, positioning and SWAT analysis of products before they are launched. Let us tell you if your product ideas are suitable for the Amazon marketplace prior to purchase. Have our staff of certified 7-figure sellers evaluate your choices.

Audits are based on detailed data and more importantly, experience. Trending data can bring you to the finish line, but only an experienced eye can get you there in 1st place.

  1. Review of niche
  2. Pricing competitiveness audit
  3. Competitor review
  4. Difficulty of entering niche
  5. Required initial investment
  6. Required MOQ for first order Profitability calculation
  7. Overall synopsis of product launch suitability

See The Enti​re Family

Amazon Consulting

Atlantic East Marketing is not only great at what they do, they are incredibly responsive, analytical, and personable. A tough combination to find with this group! ;) Seriously - they allow me the time and focus to grow my business. They excel at business advice, the latest changes and approaches on Amazon, PPC, keyword research and so on. An investment you won't regret!

Leah Mickschl

Amazon FBA Seller

Atlantic East Marketing as an Amazon Consulting Agency is amazing at what they do! Whether it's Amazon account management, advertising advice, PPC help, or amazon info - they are helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Money well spent here!

Shifra Goldberg

Amazon FBA Seller

Selling on Amazon is a long and difficult process but this Amazon Consulting Agency helps you along every step of the way. No matter what stage you’re at on your journey, no matter what your issue is - Atlantic East Consulting will take time to understand your needs and put you on the right track. It’s a no brainer - if you want to learn how to succeed on Amazon, this will help you get there!

Sarah Baboo

Amazon FBA Seller

We honestly knew nothing about using Amazon’s Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns:  setting up the campaign, how to search for the correct keywords prior to setting up the campaign, dollar amounts to spend and when to change these, how to understand the results of our campaign and next steps to keep moving forward. For all of our PPC need's, Atlantic East Marketing is there for us.

Heather McMahon

Amazon FBA Seller


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